Luscious Eye shadow palette in Spring Bloom

Mehrbano Sethi

Posted on May 17 2016

Hi Beauties!

This is a post long due. I am amazed at myself, how can one person get so lazy and keep things pending for so long. I unfortunately have the ability to do so, not that I am proud of it. I also believe in, better late than never. So today, I present you my review on Luscious eye shadow palette in "Spring Bloom".
This palette came as a surprise to me because when I saw this palette, it had not been announced yet or I had not heard any announcement. I saw these at Pot Pourri Store in Fortress Stadium. At first glance, I thought it to be a palette by Sleek because of the resemblance. Then I asked the salesman to take the palette out and to my surprise, it was by none other than Luscious Cosmetics. There are four variants to the eye shadow palettes:
1. Divine Natural (containing brown nudes)
2. Exotic Island (containing tropical and vibrant colors)
3. Glam Night (smokey and intense shades)
4. Spring Bloom (fresh and feminine shades)
I chose Spring Bloom since I had no palette with such combination of eye shadows. 

Say Aloha to the gorgeous spring summer design over the cardboard. The flowers, birds, butterflies truly represent the essence of spring which has been depicted perfectly over the palette packing. I love how this palette comes, firstly, wrapped in a transparent plastic box, then the colorful cardboard box, then a thin sheet of formic paper and finally the palette itself.
The palette is black with Luscious logo printed in white. The plastic seems sturdy to me but then again I would not dream of testing its sturdiness ever, who wants to drop their eye shadow palette, nope, not me!!! The black plastic is shiny and reflective and may leave finger prints all over. 
Color combo:

Lets talk about the array of eye shadows available in the palette. For me, this is an all in one palette. I mean, just look at the shades, you have bright vibrant colors like blue, green and lilac for day time while the browns are perfect for a smoldering smokey look at night time. Moreover, you have the highlighters to add an extra oomph to the look. What more can you ask for? 

Coming to the pigmentation of the palette, it has its goods and bads. Some of the colors are very pigmented while some are just okay. The good part is you can build up the color to get a good color pay off out of the average ones. I am pretty okay with the pigmentation of the below colors. They are pretty build able. 
I am very satisfied with the pigmentation of the highlighters but not very taken with the greens below.
I am completely smitten by these four shades. Look at their pigmentation and color pay off. Talk about quality smokey eyes, this is it!
My Experience:
To be honest I did not have very high hopes from this palette when it came to performance. If you are thinking why I bought it, then call it impulse buying on the grounds that it looked very tempting and was something new and for a make up addict its good enough a reason to buy something. These were my initials thoughts before using this palette. Here is what I think of it now!
In terms of lasting power I am very impressed. The browns last good for 5-6 hours without creasing on my eye lids. When I say the word 'creasing', I mean serious creasing which occurs using imported and branded eye shades even sometimes. The colorful shades last good for 4 hours then start to fade slowly but still they stay noticeable. 
I find the texture of this palette very smooth and easy to work with. It has shimmery glittery shades, satins and mattes as well. Mattes may not perform that well but satins and shimmery ones are really good to play with. The brush or sponge applicator easily picks off the color without vigorous rubbing. 
What I love is, it comes with a big mirror and a double ended sponge applicator. I prefer my makeup palettes to have a mirror and a proper tool for application. Since this palette has both, it qualifies as being portable and travel friendly. My final verdict regarding this palette is 'Its all in one. Go grab it'. Being a Pakistani I know its hard to trust a local brand but trust me as a beauty blogger, this palette is totally worth it. I certainly find it better than ELF eye shadows and its no less than MUA. 

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