Mehrbano Sethi

Posted on May 05 2016

Luscious Lipstick are my absolute favorites. The reason, apart from their great quality is that they are halal,carmine free.So it is actually guilt free beauty for me.I have all the pinks from Luscious and wanted something red so I ordered "Chilli",a very hot red from Luscious Lipstick range.However,it being out of stock I decided to order something sweeter and settled for "Vintage Rose".How was it read on to find..

You can get it online from Luscious Website for PKR 545.They offer free delivery nationwide.Here is the link.To read my review of all Luscious products I have used click here.

The lipstick comes in a sleek silver packaging.I like it a lot.The name is a beauty in itself.

The word "vintage rose" had me thinking that the shade would be a rosy pink one,but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is a muted peachy pink brown.It has red undertones.This is the first warm,pink brown nude of my collection and I really like it, but it can make me look washed out at times.

The color payoff is excellent.One swipe and you get a full dose of pigment.
The lipstick,as you can see in the swatch is veryyy creamy.It is moisturizing and leaves lips soft.Basically it is ideal for winters due to high moisturizing property.
It stays on lips for 2-3 hours without eating and drinking.It fades evenly leaving lips soft.

This lipstick is the Perfect dupe for MAC satin Lipstick "Retro".Here is a swatch and review of MAC "Retro" by Corallista. Below is swatch of MAC satin Lipstick retro.Click the picture to visit the blog from where I got this photo.

Photo time...I have collected a few celebrity photos where you can see the lip color exactly like Luscious Super moisturizing Lipstick in "Vintage Rose".


Gosh I like her so much.She is very pretty.Actually more HOT then pretty.



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