Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in 'Buff Pink 03'

Mehrbano Sethi

Posted on May 05 2016

Luscious Cosmetics recently launched a new line of lipsticks. Today I am going to review a shade from their new Signature collection.

Luscious Signature Lipstick

A lightweight, yet velvety and rich color formula that provides long wear and hydration for hours. Formulated with extra pigment for crisp, vivid and stunning color results. Packaged in a stylish tube, it will glide on smoothly, and you will fall in love! Enriched with Jojoba Oil

Available in 16 soft-matte and shimmer shades.

Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in 'Buff Pink 03'


Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in 'Buff Pink 03'


Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in ‘Buff Pink 03’


Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in ‘Buff Pink 03’ swatch comparison


Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in ‘Buff Pink 03’ (applied)

My thoughts

On the website, it looks like a bubble gum pink whereas in reality, Buff pink is a gorgeous muted rosy pink that would compliment warm skin tones a lot. When I swatched it at the counter, I instantly knew I have a similar shade lying around in my stash. And I was right! It’s similar to NYX round lipstick in Tea Rose. Tea Rose has a hint of brown that Buff Pink doesn’t so I’d say these are 90% similar.

It smells like MAC lipsticks. The Luscious one has more of a coconuty-vanilla scent as opposed to the vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks. Anyway, I really like the scent. The packaging is nice and sturdy and kinda reminds me of NYX round lipsticks again; actually much better in quality and weight.

The lipstick itself is really good. It’s creamy and glides on effortlessly but isn’t creamy enough to fade or disappear. It gives a soft-matte finish to my lips and nope, it doesn’t enhance any dryness or accentuate my lip lines. The lasting power of the product is commendable. This lipstick lasts more than two hours on me and starts fading evenly after two and a half hour. With a lip liner underneath, you can stretch the longevity up to three and a half hours.

I also have a shade from the previous lipstick line by Luscious. If you compare them, you’ll notice that the size and quantity has been increased. I can’t decide on which is better because both have different finishes and qualities.

Luscious Signature Lipstick is priced reasonably. For PKR 675, it won’t let you down however I wish they add some more shades to the collection. Even though there are 16 shades but I see a lot of repetition.

You might like it if…
  • You are looking for a lipstick with soft matte finish.
  • You are into creamy formulas.
  • You expect it to last longer.
  • You expect it not to accentuate your lip lines or cause any dryness.
  • You are looking for a budget-friendly lipstick.

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